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In preparing for the Cambodia 2010 run we realized we needed help in preparing physically and mentally for an advernture we had never really contemplated before. We knew of Ray Zahab from his crossing the Sahara and simply put we reached out to him asking for help.
The response we got was astounding! Not only did Ray agree to help but he insisted on regular conversations to ensure we would be as prepared as possible. Topping off the experience, Bob checked in with us afterwards to see how everything went!
When you read what I2P believes in and promotes, we can only tell you that we have experienced it first hand. They do create and deliver innovative experiential learning to even the 'older' students. While we may not be 'youths' any longer, they helped us reach beyond our 'perceived limits' and have helped us believe that we can actually be 'ambassadors and lead social and envrionmental action'
Impossible2Possible is making a difference and with your help they will continue to make the Impossible in 2 the Possible.
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Trailblazer Foundation

When we first decided we would undertake One Filter One Family and attempt to provide clean drinking water to a single family, we went down the path of bringing technology not available in rural Cambodia, in the form or 'expedition' style water filters. This is a filter used by the many who have to deal with questional water sources. While this seemed like a good idea, the more we thought about it, the more we came to realize that a solution is only a solution if it is sustainable.
Luckily for us, we found the Traiblazer Foundation! Chris and Scott Coates started the foundation in 2004 and began working in the Siem Reap Province. This is a province which has some of the poorest areas in Cambodia. From the very first email and through to today, Chris, Scott and their team in Siem Reap have continued to teach us about sustainable projects in Cambodia and help us understand how we can make a difference!
With the help of donations, we were able to fund five, locally manufactured biosand water filters for the village of Pong Ro, Kantreang commune, in the Bakong district. This is an area near where we ran Cambodia 2010. The filters in combination with the access to water they already have, the village will now have clean, clear, drinking water for a long time to come!
We will send pictures along as we get them. Additionally monies were set aside for future water projects in the area. We are grateful for the work Trailblazer Foundation does and we will continue to support their efforts in the future.
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